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He put me in touch with a lot of people, and so I was able to get a good feel for the culture. I was able to talk with them and build long-term relationships, and it helped. Especially if you had your education or other work experience in the U. For my BCG cover letter, I had an entire separate page that answered why Australia and a world map with Australia in the center.

But you should also have some real conviction for wanting to work in a particular office. In terms of the interview itself, they will hold you to the same standards. It can be a lot more of a roller coaster than domestic recruiting. However, they are extremely interested on making sure that you understand the country dynamics. Factors such as unions, regions, and the different things that come into the equation that are specific or endemic to that office or to that country. Mention it briefly in your resume or cover letter, but expect to be quizzed for details at the interview and be prepared.

Recruiters want to know the achievements of candidates, not just the job titles they held or the roles they played. Besides personal, leadership, problem-solving, and quantitative skills, consulting companies look for entrepreneurship skills and an overall orientation toward achievement.

The ideal resume touches upon these five main skills. A person experienced in consulting remarks in a Quora post that an MBA is no substitute to networking. If you can manage a reference from a senior colleague who knows a decision-maker in your target company, well, nothing like it. A consultant at a top firm points out that it is quite difficult to get an interview at MBB as they depend on the top schools for their candidates.

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However, you may be considered if you have a water-tight case or great connections. According to employees of top consulting companies writing in Quora, MBB hire top performers from prestigious schools who have interest in many areas and have participated in a wide range of academic and co-curricular activities.

Diverse backgrounds and rich exposure are what these companies are looking for when they try to build their teams. Of course, current projects and expansion plans of these companies also have a say on the specific types of candidates that they hire. There are many levels of entry into MBB. The first level is associate or business analyst, who holds an undergraduate degree. The next level is junior associate elevated from business analyst or senior associate from associate , an MBA with two years of experience in consulting. A project leader can become principal after 18 months and partner after an additional 18 months.

What are the requirements at the associate level?

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An associate hired by MBB is typically a graduate of a top university who has shown merit in at least two or three areas, such as academics, cultural or social activities, or sports, and who possesses excellent communication skills. For a position as management consultant, you need a great academic record, work experience, analytical capability, and communication skills. To do well in your interview rounds, you need to do well in the case interview, which will show the interviewer the analytical ability you have. You need to know the types of business cases; how to differentiate between cases; how to break down complex business problems into simpler, manageable issues; and how to apply problem-solving in the correct frameworks.

Once you have the academic credentials and work experience and pass the first round, the next step is the case and fit interviews. A case interview is, of course, a part of your management-consultant job interview, at which you are given a challenging business scenario and asked to propose solutions. The interviewers assess your numerical and verbal reasoning skills, business and commercial knowledge, and communication and presentation skills. For every question, the candidate is expect to identify the problem, build a structure for problem-solving, ask for any additional information required, and give a recommendation.

In fit interviews, the firm tries to find out whether your personality, values, and skills would be in tune with its organizational culture and environment. The main aspect of personality assessment in most firms is your leadership qualities, which will help you lead yourself through complex case analyses and perform your duties at higher levels in your company eventually, according to a video-clipping from Rocketblocks on YouTube. The second aspect is drive and problem-solving ability, which will enable you to persist with business challenges.

The third is collaborative qualities, in which you show your aptitude for teamwork. What about rejection and acceptance rates? According to a post on an online forum about MBB recruitment at a top 15 school, students applied for jobs, received calls for first-round interviews, received calls for the second round, and two to five got offers. At a top-5 school, 80 percent of students who submitted resumes got a call for the first-round interview, and 40 percent eventually got job offers.

Of course, rejection and acceptance rates depend on the quality of the school and the candidates and the slots available in the company. MBB may call just for the first round out of 1, applicants, select 10 for the second round, and offer jobs to just two or three. MBB hiring rates reportedly drop from M7 to the lower-ranked top 15 schools.

According to managementconsulted. Here are a few tips to secure an internship at MBB, according to this website. Without a GPA of 3. If your GPA is not as high as required, you need to show that you have a specific business skillset and interest in other fields. And, do we even have to mention the importance of networking? You need to have taken part in activities of clubs and other co-curricular activities, but you also need to show your leadership skills.

Show your target companies that you are smart outside the classroom, too. It would be nice to depute for the cashier at the corner shop grocer during summer, but this may not exactly improve your skillset or resume. Try to land an internship in a Fortune company or give life to the startup idea that has been languishing in your freezer. A job experience that improves your skills is what can fetch you an internship. Take that dream trip to Africa or do something that shows that you have a wild side.

Show that consulting is not the only thing you want to do. Show that you are a fun person to work with.

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How do some people manage to convert their internship into a full-time job? Here are a few tips from Forbes and thebalance. Let people know that you take the internship seriously and consider it a learning experience. Show your interest in the field in which the company is doing business. Offer to attend workshops. Paying attention to important details is a quality shared by good interns. Speak up.

Sometimes it is better to know for sure whether your internship could turn into a full-time job. Put the question straight to your supervisor or HR manager. Following from the previous tip of asking about a full-time position, it is also important to know whether the company has a slot.

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How do you do it? Find an occasion to congratulate the company or comment on news about it. You may have made new connections at the company and it is important to stay connected with them. Thank your supervisor and colleagues after you have left and returned to school. Is it too early to change career track? Can I too get into MBB?

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How to apply in them? How to prepare? What roles do they hire for? Thank you. SSC Currently I am working in a government sector in the placement division.