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She grew up feeling strong ties to her parents' homeland as well as the United States and England, which created in her a sense of homelessness and an inability to feel accepted. She explains this as an inheritance of her parents' ties to India, "It's hard to have parents who consider another place "home"- even after living abroad for 30 years, India is home for them. We were always looking back so I never felt fully at home here.

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There's nobody in this whole country that we're related to. India was different-our extended family offered real connections.

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We visited often but we didn't have a home. We were clutching at a world that was never fully with us" Interview with Vibhuti Patel in Newsweek International, Maybe taking a look at his biography could give us a hint why he chose such a difficult area.

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Richard Powers was born in in Evanston, Illinois. Love of music and voracious reading are the factors which made it possible to survive the dramatic relocations he went through as a child.

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He studied vocal music, cello, guitar, clarinet and saxophone. As a teenager, he explored careers in paleontology, oceanography, and archaeology before ultimately choosing physics.

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In his formal studies Powers is pulled between science and the arts. In he enrolled as a physics major at the University of Illinois. In his literary studies Powers was drawn to the intricate narrative structurings of the first-generation European modernists particularly Marcel Proust, Thomas Mann and James Joyce. In he moved to Boston and started working as a computer programmer and freelance data processor. An author of 8 novels, he teaches a graduate seminar in multimedia authoring and an undergraduate course in the mechanics of narrative.

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Authors and their characters — sharing a common destiny? Searching for identity and acceptance 4. Skip to content Skip to navigation. Search form Search.

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Awarded Ph. Placement Prospective Ph. Students Graduate Admissions. Department Bookshelf English remains a top-ranked department nationally because of the strength and variety of our faculty publications, both in scholarly research and creative writing. Wordsworth, Coleridge, and 'the language of the heavens'. Affiliated Programs Creative Writing Program. Center for the Study of the Novel. Renaissance roles and the process of social change , John Jerome Wieland.

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Reading American women's autobiography: Spheres of identity, spheres of influence , Amy Corine Getty. The problem of obscurity in the poetry of Wallace Stevens , Charles Puthota. Rossetti envisioning an alternative Victorian masculinity , Jay D Sloan. For love or money: The economics of illicit sexuality in English eighteenth-century legal sources and prose narratives , Kristen Hoffman Senior. The otherness of blackness: Emergent ambiguities in early American prose literature , David Lawrence White. Willa Cather and the American idiom , Li Zhu.

The clothes that make the man: The assumption of male disguise in three 17th-century dramas , Kathleen M Maurer. The wounding of Spenser's "Faerie Queene": The literal and metaphorical imagery that guides the reader's journey , Christine Monica Manion. Advanced Search. Privacy Copyright.