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To put it another way, no culture leaves the body unadorned but adds to, embellishes, enhances or decorates the body… Dress is the way in which individuals learn to live in their bodies and feel at home in them. This profound role in human culture has created a giant. Discovered at 17, Claudia shot to success almost immediately as the face of the highly publicised Guess? Jeans campaigns while making the label a globally recognised name. Working with the worlds leading photographers, designers, beauty and fragrance houses Claudia established herself as one of the first iconic supermodels to front major multi-million dollar brand campaigns for global corporations.

Claudia has appeared numerous times on the covers of Vogue , Harpers Bazaar , Elle , Cosmopolitan and Time including appearances on the catwalk for leading fashion houses including Versace , Yves Saint Laurent , Dolce and Gabbana , Chanel and Valentino. Named as one of the most beautiful women in the world, her ability to appeal to a global audience has assured an internationally successful career spanning over 24 years and global recognition as a fashion and beauty icon. The demand for her endorsement and representation is as strong today as it has ever been.

The collection is sold globally in key department stores and top end boutiques. Claudia is the Creative Director of the brand and the driving force behind its design. In she became the fashion editor of the Washington Post where she covered the news, trends and business of the international fashion industry.

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She also wrote a weekly culture column. In , she began covering Michelle Obama and the cultural and social shifts stirred by the first African American family in the White House. In , she joined Newsweek Daily Beast as special correspondent, style and culture. In , she won the Pulitzer Prize in criticism for her fashion coverage. She lives in Washington, DC. His vision of a vertically integrated, sweatshop-free company was realized in downtown Los Angeles in Offering garment workers the highest wages, health care and benefits in the industry, Charney presided over the fastest retail roll out in American history, buoyed by a workforce that produces over 1.

With over 9, employees across the world, he remains integrally related to the daily direction of the company, designing, photographing and even testing many of the clothes himself.

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Since taking the company public in late , he has continued to be passionately interested in knowing the faces of all his employees. As part of the special acquisition, Charney allotted 2. It captures whether or not we choose to be on trend, but also addresses those people who have a belligerence towards fashion and are very stern in the announcing of their lack of interest in the subject. It says something about the power and reach of fashion that someone would respond to it in such a negative way. As soon as man emerged from the cave, clothes took on a social significance.

Those things have always been wrapped up in fashion whether we consider the era of the French courts or even the emergence of hip-hop. I remember one of the most striking things about the period hip-hop emerged was the appropriation of so many of the garments of the WASPY class — turning them upside down and making them monuments to hip-hop.

This group pushed its way into mainstream culture! One of my favourite campaign gestures is when the male candidate takes off his suit jacket, unbuttons his shirt-cuff and pushes up his sleeve. Another is an expression of how one wishes to be perceived in terms of non-sexual sense. They may want to be seen as a knight, a worker, an angry person, a carefree person, a serious person and so on.

Some people want to reduce their status for whatever reason- a wealthy person may want to look like a hunter or a fisherman for example. A third dynamic of fashion is sexual perception. A person may want to be perceived as available or unavailable, they may wish to be perceived as mysteriously sexual…. These three things synthesise together — shelter, status and expression. As you mature this tends to fall away — you dress more for yourself, your style evolves and you understand what suits you.

We are complex as individuals and fashion caters for all our needs so differently. Yves Saint Laurent was inspired by the world of art… Mondrian… ballet and all those things. It was considered a wildly inventive and interesting way of expressing style and design. In some ways I think this is great, as it makes for a more interesting view of fashion. Eight or nine years ago, Gaultier did a beautiful show that was inspired by the African diasporas.

He drew inspiration from the African immigrants that he saw in Paris, but also picked up ideas from the women he saw walking around in Harlem… the Black Church, Caribbean and more. All these things got churned around in his head and came out in a really beautiful, noble way. The question is whether you are being respectful of it.

The Trends of Fashion among Students

I also wish more people would learn about fashion. Fashion can be so valuable- particularly to women- as it affords them so many choices to construct the public persona they wish to have. It really can allow them to determine how people respond to them in that first 15 seconds. If you understand that?

We see how the characters dress, it allows the director to express something about the other person… about the protagonist. The manner in which politicians dress is very important. Fashion plays a role in politics! Fashion is critically important in music. I was in one of my stores last night and there was a band getting ready. They needed an outfit for a show, and wanted to wear something different- they said everyone wears the same black t-shirt, and they wanted to make a statement.

The music industry loves fashion.

TOP 15 FALL FASHION TRENDS FOR 2019!!! (your 7 year old self would be proud)

Musicians need to look good and express themselves, fashion allows them to achieve that. Even the manner in which professors dress is important.

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It inspired me to make my own as the manner in which he wore his was so interesting. He actually gave them to me last week! It was a symbolic gift. I was very touched and keep them in a safe place. Fashion is everywhere as everyone wears clothes. Osama bin Laden wore clothes and a first born baby wears clothes.

Teenage fashion: what's cool now?

How long does it take before we dress the young? Even in the most primitive cultures of Africa, they manage to cloth themselves. Not one culture I know of, even historically, was there no clothing.

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  6. Fashion Among Teenagers!

Fashion is the interplay of the necessary versus unnecessary, the need to protect ourselves versus the need to decorate ourselves. In fact, the most interesting kinds of fashion are those ideas that really stray from our notions of classical beauty. Classical beauty is classic for a reason! When designers like Rick Owens express an interest in those aesthetics that make us uncomfortable, confuse us or surprise us- I think the questions they raise are provocative.

They force us to really think about our culture, what we value and why. We all respond to beauty and what we understand to be beautiful. A male Hasidic Jew just wants to be perceived as wearing a black suit, very simple. Some people may want to dress in extremely sloppy fashion, almost un-beautiful. They are trying to make a statement by doing that. Some people just want to celebrate their personal beauty, the beauty of a textile or form.

Long Essay on Fashion

They may dress-up in silk or luxurious textiles, or even very common things. Even a simple t-shirt can be very beautiful at times. Garments can be beautiful in and of themselves, or how they lay on the human form. Brands register in your consciousness and give you an immediate understanding of what they [ the brand ] represent.

Increasingly companies understand the importance of protecting their brand, preventing dilution and really defending what they have. Another school of thought states that fashion is a way of taking hold of your sexuality and presenting it in the manner of your choosing. Both of them are designing in , and both have such different ideas about women and the way that they want to be seen in terms of gender.

You see this when you start talking about uniforms and even some of the things that Miuccia Prada has done. She has been very influenced by uniforms, and has a very complex relationship with fashion as someone with a long history in feminism. If you express sexuality without a sense of power and control, fashion enters very troubling waters. We decided to manufacture in the USA when everyone was going offshore. We decided to manufacture basics with no logos even though everyone was doing the opposite. We decided to use passenger airlines instead of ocean freight.

You always have to think of ways of doing things that are new, or accept that you are doing things the best way. Companies also must maintain a long-view. I see it as a big problem that businesses nowadays want to see immediate profits. Amazon and Apple- just to cite two examples- were unprofitable for many years.

The board of Apple even removed its founder Steve Jobs for that reason. For me the distinction is that none of those things have to serve a practical purpose.