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It provides a complete introduction for anyone starting out to integrate rubrics in their teaching. Owens, K. Community College Journal of Research and Practice, 30 1. Mubashshir Majeeed, D. Teaching Theology and Religion,10 2.

District Library Research Paper Rubric

Dannelle Stevens and Antonia Levi , both of Portland State University, then go on to describe a variety of processes to construct rubrics, including some which involve student participation. They demonstrate how interactive rubrics -- a process involving assessors and the assessed in defining the criteria for an assignment or objective -- can be effective, not only in involving students more actively in their learning, but in establishing consistent standards of assessment at the program, department and campus level.

Buy the book at Stylus Publications now Thus, the left side examines. I also shy away from using my pencil too much anymore, as it slows me down.

iRubric: Research Proposal Introduction rubric - LC7: RCampus

I read the paper with a pencil in hand, marking papers as necessary with small symbols and notes, but whenever I am tempted to comment, I write a number. The difference is that I am not trying to squeeze all these words into the margin and am sputtering them out at a clip far superior to my pencil pushing prowess. The end result is the fastest method I have yet devised for giving useful feedback to students.

Unfortunately, it still takes what feels like forever to grade the papers, but there is no helping that, after all. I like this a lot! The rubrics I typically use have points set aside for each category.

How to Write a Position Paper

Can you explain a little more? I found that for me the points for each category were part of the problem. I would read the papers and know, wholistically, one might say, what the paper should earn.

It takes place in my head, but the chart I explained above is a breakdown of the things I am examining. When I have a thought about something, for better or worse, that justifies what I am assigning for a grade, I write that thought down, so the grade is not without cause or explanation. I also make sure that I look down the grades when I finish and see if there are any anomalies.

Did a student get a low grade but actually have a paper that was on par with one that got a higher grade? I have caught a few of these. Generally, at first, I used to consider the four columns in my rubric to align with an A, a B, a C, and a D. Now I am more flexible with how I use those, however. This all sounds fuzzy, I realize, but I am convinced that writing is a subjective art. I want to leave room for this in my rubric. The grade is subjective, but as a relative expert in my subject area, I am an appropriate source for rendering judgment.

A movie review is similarly subjective, and there is a large amount of debate about particular films, but when you look at the overall spectrum, critics generally agree on the merit of films. If they were grading papers instead of rating films, my hunch is that they might assign scores that would differ by a few points, but rarely would they differ by an entire letter grade. This post indicates why you are a better teacher than I am. You are welcome to use as much of the idea as would be helpful to you. My hope in discussing it is that it might help others develop something useful as well.

Senior research paper rubric

I am reading your posts with a folder of research papers at my feet. They do not entice me like your views do. Alas, having read your method for grading, I am inspired to post this, make a similar rubric, and then take the bull by the horns and start moiling myself. Thank you so much for sharing this rubric. Grading papers, as you know, is painful: mentally, physically, and even emotionally at times!

You rock!!

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